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Came to the conclusion it's time to install the meters? Hello. You're moving in the right direction. Repair of the riser in the apartment. Here on the website, please fill in the order form leave online application for the installation of meters for hot and cold water, as well as the replacement of electric meters. Repair riser aqueduct. You can place a collective order, this installation of counters will cost you much cheaper. Come, make out, install, use.

Installing counters

For payment of housing-and-municipal services in an average family to spend decent part of the earned money. And even if you are on vacation or the apartment is idle without tenants, you have to pay a monthly tidy sum of money. Installation repair toilet. Water hot, cold take for each tenant of the apartment, and soap, do not wash you it does not matter, there is a norm of volume for a month, then pay. It is not profitable to use water without meters today. Plumbing and electrical engineering are such communal disciplines where precise control is necessary. Don't check, pay with a ruble. And today's prices for utilities "bite" and all the privileges of civilization have become an expensive pleasure for people with any income. Only Thrifty people, remember the proverb "penny penny gained". She talks about prudence, a reasonable waste of money. Saving is the principle of Thrifty people. Getting every month of the receipt on payment of utilities, amazed at what he saw. Washing machine connection. Not everyone is able to pay for them. And why should you pay for a neighbor who bathes three times a day or water his garden? On average, tenants overpay every month 2-3 times for water consumption. Profitable and expedient to put counters of cold and hot water. Arguments this is enough, because to pay less you will have next month. Correct installation of meters the key to successful consumption of services. Mechanic plumber at the house. The meter installation done by specialized firms that employ qualified locksmith. In order to avoid fines and other troubles it is necessary to properly installed plumbing.

The requirements for the installation of meters for water and electricity are very large and do not take them into account no one has the right. The consequences of improper installation will result in fines and call emergency services. To perform the replacement and installation of metering devices should be specialists, taking into account all the nuances of the build: the installation of the filter, the tightness of the connection of the hand setting. Thanks to the skilled work of the locksmith, the plumbing work will not bring residents much trouble, and metering devices will ensure a guaranteed service life. Unlike counters on cold and hot water meters for electricity are installed and there sure as not to do yourself. Plumbing in a private house. Errors in the installation of the meter will lead to incorrect accounting of electricity. Installation and replacement of the old meter should be carried out only by a qualified specialist with the skills of electrical work. If you order the installation of the meter the fitter will make the dismantling of old meter and install new all the safety rules. The mechanic will install, and the organization must be sealed and they will be put into operation. Eliminate the blockage soda and vinegar. After the installation of meters for hot and cold water bills for housing and communal services will be halved, and the savings can be spent, for example, on vacation. By the way, it is necessary to remember that the installation of meters has a guaranteed lifetime. Having established metering devices, you will pay utilities upon consumption, and also there is a possibility of control of consumption of water and electricity. Installation of plumbing works will take several hours, and the resulting benefit you will enjoy monthly.

  1. Choose to provide the service
  2. Fill out the order form here on the website
  3. To confirm the application the installation of meters in response to the call
  4. Wait for the specialist in installation of metering devices to the specified address

How to order the installation of meters?

In order to order the installation of meters, you need the form in order to specify the required service and enter their personal information, be sure to phone number. On the left phone number you will call a specialist, confirm your application for the installation of metering devices. Repair toilet cistern button. What is the address on which you want to produce work and set up an appointment. Wait for the master. The amount in receipts for hot and cold water has decreased — it is very pleased!

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Order the installation of meters